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Uloading two new recods I did

2011-03-23 01:01:44 by Wolf-359

Was chating to a friend in AIM, he wrote some funny shit, one relating to a play through of a Vietnamese knock off of Pkm Crystal and one relating to the fan named Derpy Hooves from the NEW My Little Pony cartoon, I record me reading both and am now posting them for your pleasure.

BTW Yes I am a Bronie...COME AT ME BRO

Posting random shit now

2010-05-07 10:05:27 by Wolf-359

May as well use this account for something, so I'm gonna upload some of the random Audio shit I've made over the years and months on teh interwebs.


2007-07-28 09:18:04 by Wolf-359

Just saying hi to anyone that stumbles onto this here page. I don't ever plan on making flash, this is just so I can blam and save flashes I feel deserving of destruction or salvation.